Cannabis:A Lost History

July 17, 2018

Are the history of the cannabis plant, and the history of human beings intertwined? Why do both the cannabis plant, and the human body both produce cannabinoids? If the plant is illegal am I?

If we dig deep enough is it possible to discover humans and cannabis sativa share DNA? Is it possible that all forms of life on this earth share DNA? What dose that mean?

Any way this video tells some history you did not learn in history class or social studies. Is social studies class to teach you how to be a good socialist?


Nikola Tesla-The Secrets Hidden in the Pyramids of Egypt

June 29, 2018

Were the ancient pyramids and other megaliths built for energy reasons? Nikola Tesla tried to give the world free wireless energy one hundred years ago, is it to far fetched to think the ancient peoples of the world were capable of the same technology?

Could the ancient peoples from all over the world had technologies that equal or exceed that of modern day? Not that hard to believe when you see ancient monoliths standing for thousands of years. Things that we can not duplicate in the modern time.

Has human kind been backsliding as far as overall  knowledge is concerned?

“Let Me Breathe For You”

April 21, 2018

My journey began when my Grandmother suffered a heart attack she should have never survived. She could no longer take care of my Grandfather who had been on automatic pilot with dementia for at least six years. I altered my life to move in and become full time caregiver for both of them. This initiated the two-year path to our experience when he decided to exit this earth.

For about a month prior to his ultimate decision, he would see and converse with entities as he walked through the house that were not physically present. Was he conversing with guides trying to show him the way? At that time, in my meditations, I asked for guides to help Grandpa with his fears. The last three days he was with us, he took no food or drink and had no interaction with any of us as he was incoherent. His labored breathing also started at this time.

On the last day, the nurses from Hospice were coming to give him a sponge bath. Before they arrived, I sat with him for about an hour in a deep meditation. Because of his struggle to continue breathing, I internally communicated:  “Grandpa…let me breathe for you and you concentrate on what you need to do.” During the previous 6 hours, he had been continually reaching upward toward the sky even though he was asleep. I felt he was reaching for the guides I had summoned, but could he have been reaching for his wife of 66 years to come along with him? “Grandpa, do not worry…I will be here with Grandma.”

After about an hour of deep meditation at his bedside, the Hospice nurses arrived. As one of them reached for his hand, she felt no pulse although he was still breathing. At that point, I took the last few breaths with him and let him go. The other nurse then confirmed his death.

While the nurses began the preparation to ready him for the funeral home, I initiated another deep meditation where I was able to see Grandpa immediately and he appeared to be a lot younger with curly hair and a moustache. I was suddenly able to communicate with him on a level that had not been available to us for many years. He showed me a place of warm humming light. Not a bright light, but just a soothing, buzzing, warm light. I was able to see Grandpa standing on some steps with no surrounding structure or boundaries and he was with his mother, brother, and brother-in-law. They all laughed and smiled and waved at me from the steps. This was not a three dimensional plane and my perception of it was that everything was recognizable, but nothing was distinct…as if everything was one.

In another meditation later that day, I sat in Grandpa’s kitchen chair and felt his energy. In this vision he took me for a ride on a golden boat. Grandpa was aware of my slight animosity toward Grandma, who had always controlled everything in his life. I had long wondered how he adjusted to that dynamic for so many years as I know it was something I was unable to accomplish myself. On this ride where Grandma was driving the golden boat and Grandpa was water skiing behind where he was trying to get her attention as always – having fun and faking his familiar off-balance stunts on the skis. His message to me was that he had worked hard to provide a good life for Grandma and sought her attention, be it good, bad, or indifferent. His point being that he liked Grandma driving the boat throughout his life and that was ebb and flow of their 66 years together.

Meditation number three with Grandpa provided an experience that went past the steps described in the earlier meditation. It was the same warm, buzzing light with an essence of a great cathedral, but without walls or a ceiling…just expansiveness! There were a lot of entities present. Some I recognized and some I did not. Grandpa made it clear to me that I could visit this place any time I wanted to, but that I should not spend all of my time there. I should return to earth and remember why I chose to be there in the first place, which I still have yet to remember. But it’s the journey or the experience that’s important, not the destination!

The next experience with Grandpa came as I sat in the chair where he always watched TV. I was spending extra time with Grandma viewing the Olympics in an attempt to alleviate some of her loneliness. I felt the presence of his energy as if he were there watching figure skating with us. In his usual positive manner, he complimented the skaters, their pretty outfits, and the performances. It was just like ‘business as usual’.

In my next vision with Grandpa, I went back to his TV chair where I was alone in the dark and the quiet. I tried to connect with his energy again, but was unable to return to that dimension for a while. He finally made his presence felt and reminded me once more “not to spend all of my time in this place,” and that he had just blocked me to prove his point. He then allowed me to feel the warmth, peace, and restfulness that he was experiencing and told me he was no longer fearful of the dark (which had become an issue as his dementia progressed) because he was now bathed in eternal light. Again he urged me to “return and finish my incarnated journey on earth”.


February 19, 2018

Is sacred geometry described in the bible? Should we look at the old testament with a “different set of  eyes”? In other words a new perspective.

What I remember about the old testament is an angry, jealous god who demanded blood and obedience. The new testament I remember was all about love, forgiveness, and acceptance. Did I perceive this wrong? I never could figure why there was such a difference between the “old” and the “new”. Maybe looking at the bible in a different perspective will ” clear things up”.

This video shows a little different perspective of the bible. Is “god” an energy that connects everything in the universe to everything else in the universe? Is “god” a tetragrammaton?


Why Are Certain Inventions or Revolutionary Ideas Suppressed?

February 11, 2018

How many ideas have been suppressed throughout history that would have been beneficial to mankind, and the earth in general? One person that is not mentioned in this video is Nikola Tesla. Tesla came up with many innovations that changed the world, and many that did not come to be. A big one of Tesla’s that was suppressed was free energy for the world. LOOK IT UP.

How about John Ernest Worrell Keely, who worked with cavitation for propulsion.

There is also the works of T.Henry Moray, who ran his house with radiant energy. Tesla tech that Moray rediscovered. Free energy stemming from our natural surroundings?

Why are the names of these innovators not household names?

He who controls energy controls the world or, RULES THE WORLD! Could free inexhaustible energy be a catalyst  for true human freedom?

What happens when we run out of natural resources to create the energy the world runs on now? How long do we have before this happens?



Michael Tellinger: Sound Resonance and Magnetics

January 28, 2018

Is our reality created by sound? Can we think, and speak the reality we want into existence?

Has mankind been programmed to forget how powerful we are? Should we question everything we think we know, and have been told? How hard is it to admit that “I WAS WONG ” about everything? If we CAN NOT admit we might be wrong, then we don’t make room for truth.

You are a human being! Are you being human? This might be a question everyone should be asking themselves.

Can humankind wake up to remember how powerful they are as a whole, so we can collectively change the paradigm we are currently a part of?

If I can change my personal paradigm to one of of ease and abundance, will it spread like a disease to others? Call it “spreading the ease”.



Fluoridated Tap Water: Helpful or Harmful?

December 25, 2017

Why is public drinking water fluoridated? Is so called “fluoride” just a waste product of the aluminum industry?

What is hydrofluosilicic acid?

Is sodium fluoride a neurotoxin?

What is dental fluorosis? Can it be avoided?

Can fluoride be a health risk?

What was the Mellon Institute of Industrial Research?

Is america one of eight countries that fluoridates public water supplies?

Can swallowing fluoridated toothpaste be harmful to children?

Should fluoridating water be considered a racial injustice?




Pilots, Doctors, and Scientists tell the TRUTH about Chemtrails?

December 20, 2017

What is going on in our skies? Are we all test subjects of a sick experiment without our consent? Who is behind these experiments? Do they already know the conclusions of this experiment?

These are some scary questions. Are the answers even more terrifying?  If this kind of thing does not upset you, then you are not paying attention. This is not intended to spread fear,  but to spread awareness.

If I am in a house that I have never been in and the lights go out, it  might be a little spooky. If I am in my home when the lights go out, it is not as spooky. Not as spooky because I have awareness of what is around me. Awareness Is the first step, what we do with this awareness is the next important step.

Can awareness of our surroundings help us get past our fear, so we can take right action?