March 13, 2019

I am always trying to tell people the lyrics to this song and messing it up.  I tried to find them online with no luck, so I listened to the song over and over writing down lyrics.

WARNING! Now if you do not appreciate metal genre music do not click on the video link below.

A teacher once told me It does not matter how nice and cordial someone speaks “truth”. It is the “truth” that is important. If you can listen to the song without preconceived judgement then watch the video and feel the power this band spits “truth” with!

Here are the lyrics best I can jot down:

It`s time to start the revolution.

Overthrow what you have known and break the cycle with intelligence. Stop living for them and start living for you. We are on borrowed time so it is time for you to be the real you.


Open your eyes


Open your mind


Open your eyes


It is time to start the revolution. Let`s start right now. Get up, stand up, stand up for your right.

Revolution of of consciousness.

We are the ones who make the future. Lets start right now. So open your eyes and open your mind for the revolution of consciousness.

Overcome and right our wrongs, and stop ignoring our own  ?

If we build up a resistance  against ignorance. It will be the freedom to be ourselves again.


Open your eyes


Open your mind


Open your eyes


It`s time to start the revolution. Lets start right now. Get up stand up, stand up for your right.

Revolution of consciousness.

We are the ones who make the future.

Let`s start right now.

So open your eyes, and open your mind for the revolution of consciousness!


Coconut Oil?

March 4, 2019

Does coconut oil have more uses than just cooking with?

Is there health benefits hidden within coconut oil?

Can I use coconut oil as an antimicrobial?

Can I use coconut oil as a skin moisturizer?

How many uses does coconut oil have?

Will coconut oil help remove adhesive residue?

Would coconut oil make a good carrier oil for other ingredients?

Can the brain matter in my head benefit from ingesting coconut oil regularly?

What are MCT,s?

How long does coconut oil keep?

Should I use unrefined,extra virgin, cold pressed coconut oil?

Green Smoothie Girl has a great article for Wounds Cuts & Scabs

Simple Dark Chocolate

February 16, 2019

Is there a healthier way to enjoy chocolate?

When my son was in high school he played guard for the football team. He had extra pounds he would not need after football ended. He did not diet, work out, or count calories and still managed to loose 50-60 pounds within a year and a half! He spent most of his time after football playing on line video games sitting around and still lost the weight. All that changed was quality of food. Still eating till overfull. Still eating deserts. Still eating whenever. So it all happened by eating organic,grass fed,free range animal products-organic vegies-organic processed foods (kept to a min.)-no tap water-.

Read food ingredient labels. The less the better. If there is things you do not know what they are best to stay away from them. I say “watch your eats” meaning watch the sweets so GMO sugar beets usually labeled as natural sweetener, GMO corn syrup, processed bleached white cane sugar, and artificial sweeteners are are best if avoided. Watch your meats, organic grass fed free range or wild meats should be better for you rather than factory farmed animal products. Watch your wheats. Do they call it gluten because it will glue a ton to you? even organic wheat and  organic wheat processed foods are best left on the shelf. Being aware of what you eat is a good first step on the road to feeling better and preventing ill health.

Now back to chocolate. I still have a sweet tooth and I wanted to add raw organic cocoa to my diet as it contains nutrients I was low in. I started making dark chocolate with coconut oil and coconut sugar.

1/2 cup raw organic virgin cold pressed coconut oil

1/4 cup raw organic cocoa powder

3-4 tbsp organic coconut palm sugar (stevia, maple syrup,honey,agave)

1 tsp vanilla extract

pinch of salt

Make it your own add whatever you like (nuts, nut butters, raisins, chia seeds,cinnamon,coconut flakes…………………).

Warm coconut oil on lowest heat possible mix in all other ingredients and stir, only warming long enough to mix everything together.

Take off heat so it starts to cool, continue stirring until it starts to set as it will help to keep ingredients mixed. Pour in pie tins,chocolate molds, or drop on wax paper covering a cookie sheet.

Keep in freezer as it will melt at room temp. Serve fast.


Etheric Warfare?

February 13, 2019

Can we balance the energy of the earth and ourselves? what is orgonite?

Is there dangerous energies bombarding the earth? Is there some solutions?

I took care of some animals on the outskirts of town a while back. Water was only available from a well and 800 feet of hose. During the winter I would fight frozen hoses even though I would walk and drain all 800 foot every time. Now these hoses were laid out out in an open field and the sun would usually be enough. There were days the sun never came out even though not a real cloud in the sky. So I would stomp, cuss, and curse the sky! This never helped the sun break through to thaw the hoses. I was responding with anger.

More recently I have caught myself preaching doom and gloom similar to that of Dane Wigington in a desperate attempt to spread awareness. I was not offering solutions. I became  aware of this when talking to someone dear to me about these type of issues and I saw the sorrow and emotional distress I caused.

So I wanted to say thanks Jul! Thank you and your hubby for everything!

I would also like to thank everybody involved in this video that just came to me when I decided to start making orgonite myself. Most of all I would like to thank Dane for helping me see the rut I was stuck in. Anger is not a solution.

So thank you everyone and everything for helping me out! That also includes the animals mentioned earlier or as I like to call them “my teachers”.


CIA Whistleblower Speaks Out

January 7, 2019

Do we have a constitutional government or a shadow government in the drivers seat? Where are all the whistleblowers? What is the whistleblower protection act? Have we allowed a post constitutional government to  take control of the system? How long before YouTube pulls this video, or do we still have freedom of speech in this country?

Is the constitution still the supreme law of the land? When the people fear the government there is tyranny. When the government fears the people there is liberty!

Does the CIA operate outside of the constitution? Is there close to 20 intelligence agencies working under the control of the CIA? Was the CIA created without congressional input ,or approval?  What is the National Security Act of 1947? Are the U.S. Senate and Congress in the pockets of The Military Industrial Complex? What is a secrecy agreement?

Where did the american workers social security funds end up? Is there a vaccine and autism connection being suppressed at the expense of of our nations children? Does a cold war exist between the elected government and the “deep state”? Could the Air Force be carrying out a geoengineering program without the peoples consent?

What happened to a government by the people for the people? Is ignorance bliss or should we wake up and remember our power? Is NO the forgotten word? As in no I do not give my consent! We may think these things are not wright. We may feel these things are not wright. Action is required! In what form will your action manifest?


Satan’s clause?

December 31, 2018

Since I was a young child I have been uncomfortable with the hole concept of Christmas. I thought it was because I came from a broken family, and could never make everyone happy during this time of year. Are we to listen to our gut feelings about what is going on in this world around us?  Why later In life have I been demonized as a Grinch? Was this story also created to guilt people into just going along with the program? Is Christmas a Satanic ritual?

How many times have you watched mom and dad force their kids on Santa’s lap at the mall. The younger the child the bigger the fuss. Is this because they are to young to have been deceived?

So is Santa Clause or “Satan’s clause” part of a contract for your soul? Maybe not “sell your soul” but allow yourself to be deceived so your soul can be picked apart piece by piece until unrecognizable.

Is Santa Clause another name for Saint Nicholas? Was Saint Nicholas a Roman Catholic bishop that came from a wealthy family in the fourth century from Asia Minor? Did this family make their riches from an ancient child prostitution ring? Saint Nicholas is the patron saint of sailors, merchants, and children. Is this because of shipping children as slaves around the world for profit? He also was patron saint of thieves, archers, brewers, and pawnbrokers. Does this sound like a saintly man? Should the question be who benefits from this illusion? Do not allow Satan’s Claws to sink to deep before deflecting the X-Mass deception!

Saint Nick made one thing clear:  if you do what your told and don’t question anything, you might receive some material gifts just after the winter solstice for the resurrection of the sun! I guess more sunlight is not gift enough?



POJECT CAMELOT: A Wrothschild Speaks Out

November 28, 2018

Is it possible family bloodlines going all the way back to ancient times have ruled and controlled every thing and every body? If so how?

Is time travel a reality?

Can interdimensional travel be possible?

The  story in this video reminds me of Star Wars where family ties to convert Darth Vader over to the light side of things and vice versa. This is to bring on balance in the universe.

Can we remind people and other entities of what they are really a part of so balance in the universe can be reached?

I have a friend that has always told everyone to remember how powerful they really are.

Can we remember were we come from, or what we are, and why are we here? Philosophical questions asked since the dawn of time. Did these Philosophers also give us hints  how to remember the answers to these questions?



Is it Possible all Words Originated From Ancient Sanskrit?

November 28, 2018

What if all languages and words originated in one place? from one language?

Is it possible people have been fighting and dying over religions derived from the same beliefs and practices? Might not be to far fetched if we look at more recent times with Islam, Christianity, and Judaism. These factions have been fighting for thousands of years over the same stories and characters from ancient writings. Oh yeah still happening!

Does this go back to even more ancient times?

Are all ancient stories just recycled from earlier stories?  Maybe all we need to do is look at modern movies and television for a comparison of humanities repetitive story telling. Is there really nothing new under the sun?


The Gut Microbiome in Health and Disease

November 14, 2018

What is the gut microbiome? How does it affect health?

What is the effect of our sterile way of life on the beneficial bacteria humans share symbioses with?

Antimicrobial soap, antiviral wipes, and cleaning supplies. Are these “healthy” practices really damaging our biology instead of promoting health?

Do not forget your antiviral spray to help you GET sick during flu season?


How to Make Rejuvelac, The Fermented Super Drink

November 14, 2018

Is rejuvelac a probiotic?

From personal experience I can say rejuvelac promotes health which in turn promotes energy. I have made it for others to try. They too reflected the same thoughts I had about this simple little drink within days. This sparked some interest from others so I decided to post this video for a good reference about rejuvelac for others to experience.

If you are having trouble sprouting it could be a couple of things I came across that may help. I quit using tap water to many chemicals. I had to use organic grains to get better sprout success. Also Spring water was pretty much 100% sprout success. Filtered water may not have enough nutrients left in it. That also includes reverse osmosis water if nutrients are not reintroduced, and distilled water.

Does the immune system start in the gut? I have a gut feeling that it might…….